Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice Eradicated – £180 For Residential Properties & From £300 For Commercial Properties/Land

Rats and Mice Removal In Stoke on Trent

Nobody wants to have to experience rodents in their home or property. Not only are they unhygienic and unsightly but they can also cause significant damage when they begin to gnaw through floorboards and electrical wires as well as your food.

Signs to Look Out For

The first signs of having rodents in your house are droppings and tracks left by the mice and rats. If you spot these tell-tale signs, give us a call and we can quickly eradicate the problem. A trick we suggest is laying talcum powder where you think they are coming in and out and look out for the animal tracks that are left behind. This way you are also able to see what size rodent you are dealing with.

Preventing Infestations

Rats and mice tend to live in areas of warmth and safety. These can be in cupboards, under floorboards,  and bins outside, close to a source of food and water. They also burrow in areas where there are materials for nest making such as towel cupboards and clothing on the floor.

A simple way of preventing rodent infestation is keeping your floor areas clean of crumbs and removing all materials for nests. You can also make sure that your house is fully sealed so that there is no access for them to even get in.

More About Us

Pest GuardPC Staffordshire are the professionals for you when it comes to removing weeds and moss from your property. All of the materials we use are safe and environmentally friendly so that any other plants in the area are not effected or damaged.

We provide complete professional pest control services in Staffordshire for all types of businesses and commercial companies. Our team can deal with your individual pest problem or provide you with an annual contract which will give you cover against rats, mice, and crawling insects.

We will attend your property with either our next day service or if required the same day for emergency situations. One of our technicians/ experts will attend your property and survey the pest problem and offer you a free quote for the treatment.


Pestguard offers a range of discounted control and eradication for all different types of pests. All of these offers are for customers in Stafford, Crewe, and Stoke on Trent.


How We Help

Our team of experts at Pest GuardPC Staffordshire use only the latest and most up to date methods for eradicating rats and mice from your homes and buildings. We will visit your property a minimum of three times to ensure the eradication of the problem. The cost is £180 for residential customers and covers you for up to 5 visits, for businesses, the cost is from £300. Call 01782 624 461 or fill in our contact form to discuss when we can attend your property. If you are a commercial business, please visit the commercial page.


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